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The Next Generation Of Combos
Extended Lane Water Slides - HEC Worldwide Inflatables
The Next Generation Of Combos
Hot Deals From HEC Worldwide Inflatables
Extended Lane Water Slides - HEC Worldwide Inflatables

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Who We Are…

Representing some of the best designs in the Inflatable Ride & Game manufacturing industry, We have more than two decades of experience under our belts, we continue to push the industry forward by creating and developing new ideas and design concepts, implementing new technologies and we never stop stretching the boundaries of innovation.

With a full range of products and designs ranging from water slides, dry slides, wet/dry slides, obstacle courses, bouncers, combos to interactive designs, toddler and sport themed inflatables, there’s no doubt that we have everything you need to grow your business both today and in the future,

Here’s just a few of the features we incorporate into our designs:

  • Double, Triple and Quad Stitching
  • Dura Seal reinforced seams
  • Gator Mouth seams at the entrance, exits and end walls
  • Aqua Seal seams to help minimize water intrusion.
  • Aqua Drains to make draining water quicker and easier.
  • Anti-Jump netting on all slides and designs with a slide.
  • Aqua Grip flooring is available on many designs.
  • Zip It deflation zippers with heavy duty flaps

Exclusive Features

Seamless Slide Lanes | HEC Worldwide Inflatables

Our Seamless Slide Lane™ constructed with our Patented Bridge-Weld™ Technology provides you an advantage when purchasing our quality Inflatables.

Seamless Transition Slides | HEC Worldwide Inflatables

We were first in the industry to develop the Seamless Transition Connection System™ which Seamlessly bridges the main body to the attached Slip n Slide for a smooth transition.

Infused Thermoplastic Reinforcement | HEC Worldwide Inflatables

The latest innovation is Infused Thermoplastic Reinforcement which is the next step in our patented seamless slide lane application.

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HEC Worldwide Inflatables™

HEC Worldwide Inflatables

10577 Rocket Blvd., Suite C

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